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iOS 11 battery life is terrible

It seems that iOS 11 has a problem that’s seriously affecting battery life. Within hours of the release of iOS 11, the internet was awash with battery complaints. Because it can take a couple of recharge cycles for the calibration to settle down, I generally ignore these early reports, but we’re now almost two weeks […]

Apple confirms that it’s investigating reports of swelling iPhone 8 batteries

Whenever Apple releases a brand new iPhone model, the company has a designated and semi-secret team of specialists and engineers whose sole task is to monitor any significant problems affecting the first batch of iPhone deliveries. When defective units of a new iPhone model are brought into Apple retail stores, they eventually make their way back to […]

New test finds iPhone 8 Plus has the longest-lasting battery

Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus might be boring, but it’s still the best smartphone in the world right now by a wide margin. There are plenty of wrinkles in iOS 11 that need to be ironed out, but even as it stands now, the 8 Plus has no equal. It’s lightning fast, it’s ridiculously powerful — as […]

Apple iPhone X vs. LG V30: Battle of the bezel-less beauties

Alongside Samsung, LG was one of the first major manufacturers to jump on the “bezel-less” bandwagon. Barring some minor niggles about audio quality and storage space, we loved the LG G6 (check out our full impressions in our LG G6 review), so we’re understandably excited about the impending U.S. release of the LG V30. There are plenty […]

Apple open-sourced the kernel of iOS and macOS for ARM processors

Apple has always shared the kernel of macOS after each major release. This kernel also runs on iOS devices as both macOS and iOS are built on the same foundation. This year, Apple also shared the most recent version of the kernel on GitHub. And you can also find ARM versions of the kernel for the first time. […]

Welcome to iPhone 8 release day. Again.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus went on sale on September 22nd in various markets around the world, after a week of preorders. Estimates that followed the first launch weekend revealed that Apple sold fewer iPhone 8 models than in any year since the current iPhone design was first introduced. But that’s because many […]

Apple Music now has over 30 million subscribers

Apple Music has surpassed 30 million subscribers, according to Billboard. The streaming service has picked up 10 million subscribers since December, and 3 million since WWDC back in June. Apple Music has managed to nearly keep pace with Spotify’s growth rate, racking up an average of 15 million subscribers per year, compared to 20 million for Spotify […]

Apple would like to remind the FCC that it can’t FM radios that iPhones

Apple responded today to FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, who issued a statement that “urged” Apple to activate the FM chips that he claimed are in iPhones in the name of public safety. The recent hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria were the hook for the reasoning. The only problem? Apple hasn’t even included FM radio chips in iPhones […]

IPhone X to use ‘black box’ anti-spoof Face ID tech

Even Apple will not be able to explain how its forthcoming iPhone X can spot some efforts to fool its facial recognition system. The firm has released a guide to the Face ID system, which explains that it relies on two types of neural networks – one of which has been specifically trained to resist spoofing attempts. […]

Apple confirms iPhone 8 crackling earpiece issue and says a fix is coming

Some iPhone 8 owners are running into an issue with the phone’s earpiece: when they make a call, the earpiece makes a disruptive “crackling” or “static” sound that disrupts the audio. Dozens of people on the MacRumors forums, Apple’s support forum, and Reddit have reported experiencing the issue. It was also present on one phone owned by a Verge editor. Apple said […] offers clients the ability to target marketing campaigns that are web-only. These ad opportunities will give your products and services high exposure of our web users. For more information on how we can assist you in developing a program that will help you meet your marketing needs and objectives

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